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2019 Supporting Membership (supports reduced fee memberships)  US$ 170
2019 Full Membership (USA and Canada)  US$ 115
2019 Full Membership (Outside USA and Canada) *must join RO (see below)  US$ 100
2019 Reduced Fee Memberships Salary under $30,000 USD  US$ 65
2019 Student (Full Time) Membership  US$ 75

Regional Organization Dues

Outside USA/Canada - Mandatory (All SRA Members outside USA/Canada are required to join a Regional Organization based on their nearest geographic location.)
(Optional for SRA Members in USA/Canada.)
Select one or more from the list below.

 $0 Africa
 $50 Australia/New Zealand
 $0 China
 $0 Egypt
 $50 Europe
 $0 India
 $0 Japan
 $0 Korea
 $20 Latin America
 $0 Russia
 $0 Taiwan
 $0 Ukraine
 $0 Other Country (choose only if you reside in a country not listed)


 $0 Benelux
 $0 Canada
 $20 Chicago Regional
 $0 Columbia-Cascades East Wash
 $15 National Capital Area
 $20 New England
 $10 New England Students
 $15 NY, NJ, CT (Metro Chapter)
 $0 Nordic
 $5 Ohio SW, Central, North Kentucky
 $0 Philadelphia
 $20 Research Triangle Park
 $0 Rocky Mountain
 $10 Southern California
 $0 United Kingdom
 $15 Upstate New York (Students exempt)
Regional organization dues are returned to the regional leadership for local activities and programs.

Specialty Group Dues - Optional

 $0 Applied Risk Management
 $0 Decision Analysis and Risk
 $15 Dose Response
 $5 Ecological Risk Assessment
 $10 Economics and Benefit Analysis
 $0 Advanced Materials and Technologies
 $0 Engineering and Infrastructure
 $10 Exposure Assessment
 $0 Foundational Issues in Risk Analysis
 $15 Microbial Risk Analysis
 $0 Occupational Health & Safety
 $0 Risk and Development
 $10 Risk Communication (students exempt)
 $10 Risk, Policy and Law
 $0 Security & Defense

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Rates do not include additional regional organization and/or specialty group memberships which may be required; these rates can be found on the membership form.
Cancellation Policy:  Refunds are not issued for purchase of Society for Risk Analysis membership; membership is canceled when the membership term expires or if an individual or institution requests that the membership be terminated.

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