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Native American style flutes by Laughing Crow (Richard Maynard)

Flutes in the Native American Style created by a musician for the musician.


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Native American Inspired Flute Music on CD

Indestructible Back Pack Flute New design, better tone! F#m, Gm, Am & Cm $27.95

Now available the Roland Micro Cube GX & Microphone Combo

Economical  High Quality Lavaliere Microphone

Instructional Books & DVD for Learning the Native American Flute by some of the BEST teachers.

Native American Music Songbooks and CDs

Sheet Music for the Native American Flute


"Percussion Accompaniment"  for your Native American Flute(2 cool new tracks for a total of 6!)

Guide to Sounds of Different Native American Flute Keys


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Western Red Cedar Flute in F#m @ $145.00 each  Total Light Brown in color, softer tone, lighter weight. Traditional wood used by Western tribes.


Eastern Cedar Flute in Fm $175.00, F#m $175.00, Gm $170.00, Am $165.00

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Eastern Cedar Flute in




Specify Key Below

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Eastern Cedar Bass Flute in




Bbm-$300.00 or

Am Paduak  $350.00

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Jonah Thompson Am Flute @ $49.95 (Specify Totem)


Bear Flute in Dm @ $285.00 each 

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"Emergence" CD @ $15.00 each


"My First Drive-By Fluting" CD @ $15.00


"Quemado Rain" CD @ $15.00


"Yaweh" CD @ $15.00


"Follow Your Bliss" CD @ $15.00


"Cedar Wind CD" @ $15.00


"Aeolian Dreams" CD @ $15.00 


"Healing Sojourns" by Kathleen Wells, Ph.D. & Laughing Crow @ $15.00


"Understanding the Gift" by John Vames,  Method Book

$29.95 each  Total


"A Song For Koko" by John Vames, Song Book

  $27.00 each  Total

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