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I, the cardholder, by submitting & signing this form below, agree to pay and specifically authorize Procomm Direct, or their assigns, to charge my credit card for long distance services in the amount checked above, per month . I understand that Procomm Direct, or their assigns, have credit card authorization for the monthly credit amount requested, but will only charge for actual services after they have been rendered. Monthly credit amount is an estimate of the charge. I understand that I have 30 days from the date of receipt to dispute any charges and that all disputes must be submitted in writing, via EMail or Fax to PROCOMMDIRECT.NET LLC. I further agree that in the event the above card becomes invalid that I will provide Procomm Direct, or their assigns, with a valid credit card number and pay any outstanding balance owed to Procomm Direct, or their assigns. Further I agree to pay service charges that may result from my bank's denial of valid credit card charges.

All MC / VISA credit card charges will be billed under the name Procomm Direct. I have read and agree with these terms  

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