Terms and Conditions for use of Web Account

Use of DataBank

  1. Access to the Databank does not imply granting of copyright to use the downloaded data for uses other than private viewing or passing such data on to third parties for whatever uses.

  2. The Hong Kong Institute of Land Administration is NOT responsible for the accuracy of such data which shall remain with the responsibility of the data source, and is NOT liable for any damages or losses arising from the use of the downloaded data.

Allocation of Email Account

  1. The allocation of an email account is for private use only;
  2. The maximum storage space is 10MB;
  3. Any abuse of use including using the account for mail spamming is prohibited and shall cause immediate termination of the account;
  4. The account shall be terminated upon cessation of membership of the Institute;
  5. Configuration of Outlook Express

    • Incoming Mail Server: pop.hkila.org;
    • Outgoing Mail Server : smtp.hkila.org.(if needed)

  6. Change of Password and other Settings

  7. Access to Webmail
    You may access your mailbox on the web:http://webmail.westhost.com

Technical Support

Contact the Web Administrator at admin@hkila.org.