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Welcome to Team Marketing. We appreciate your interest and are looking forward to a great 2017. We are one of the leading promotional marketing agencies and represent national clients at tradeshows, malls, stores, special events, concerts, colleges and bars. We execute product demonstrations, sampling programs, membership acquisition, coupon distribution and awareness campaigns (hand out T-shirts, sunglasses and other logoed material). We work directly with clients, marketing companies and other national agencies. We work with you to find the appropriate type of event that will be fun and interesting.

Please note - unless stated otherwise in an email blast or posting, all positions with us are as independent contractors.  They are on an as-needed, part-time basis, based on the programs our clients have running and you decide which programs to express an interest in working and which to accept if offered to you.

There is a need for managers (tour and field) as well as in market event staff (brand ambassadors, samplers, models, tradeshow booth staff, product demonstrators, etc.) for in-market and touring programs. Although this type of work is fun, it is work, and we need to know that you are willing to make a commitment to the programs you are scheduled to execute.


Please read all the instructions before filling out the on-line registration form below.*

1. If you are already registered, please do not re-register.  Hint - if you are receiving emails about promotions directly from us then you are already registered :)

2.  Information on how to change and update your information, get a Timesheet or a copy of our Promotion Guidelines is on the Staff FAQs page. Do not re-register! ****The information submitted in the fields below is stored in a secure off-line location.  See our Privacy Policy at the bottom of this page.

3.  You must check the box stating you recognize and agree to work as an independent contractor and abide by the terms of the Promotion Guidelines as well as program specific client procedures and policies before filling out the form.

Check the box below

 I acknowledge, recognize and hereby agree that jobs I accept with Team Marketing USA, Corp. are as an independent contractor, that I am not an employee of Team Marketing as I decide which positions to express my interest in working and which ones I accept. 

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6.  Again, do not register if you are already registered.  If not sure, just call the Registration Department at 845 338-8800 ext 103.

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Note: Search for markets by state, then city. Please only select markets that you can easily reach (by car, etc.)

Be aware they can be in more than 1 state (Can do PA-Philadelphia, NJ-Atlantic City and DE-Dover for example).

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7.  After you complete the form and click the Submit button, you are sent to a page which provides the email address to send your resume and photos to. You also will see our downloadable Promotion Guidelines PDF - don't forget to save that on your computer.

Privacy Policy:

Team Marketing respects the privacy rights of it's members and will not intentionally or unnecessarily share that information with others. All email broadcasts are sent as blind carbon copies; phone numbers and email addresses are not shared unless required for the execution of a program; and we do not otherwise share or sell this information.

*Once you hit submit, the information is immediately transferred into code, emailed to our server and deleted off the site. There is no risk of your information being obtained by third parties from the secure off-line server.