This assistance is attended for those who are willing to attend Family Day on Thursday as well as the Graduation Ceremony on Friday. The assistance is intended to prevent a Marine from standing alone on either day.

Please follow these instructions to ensure successful consideration of your application:

You may fill out the application after your Recruit has successfully completed his or her 8th week of training. Any application received prior to the completion of the 8th week will not be acknowledged.

You MUST complete the application online and you must answer all the questions.

After you've submitted the application you will receive an email telling you to fax supporting documents to the Foundation, including a valid photo ID and a copy of your Social Security Card. Your application cannot be considered until these documents are received. We cannot consider any application if we have not received all the necessary documents prior to 10 days before graduation. Only one application per Recruit will be accepted.

Note: If you are eligible for assistance (must be a parent, grandparent or spouse of the Recruit) and funds are available, the grant will not be issued until you have texted photos of you and your Marine on Thursday as well as a text with a photo on Friday. Please keep this in mind when making your travel arrangements.

YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A GRANT UNTIL AFTER GRADUATION. It is simply to help offset costs of the trip and help you get back on your feet when you get back home from the graduation. Grants will vary depending on available funds. The maximum grant is $250. You will receive an email 5-7 days prior to graduation to let you know whether or not funding is available. ANY APPROVAL IS ALWAYS PENDING AVAILABLE FUNDS.

Marine's Name:
    Platoon #:  
Battalion Number:
Recruiter's Name:
Recruiter's Phone:
 Graduation Date:
 Location of Graduation
MCRD Parris Island       MCRD San Diego
Date(s) you will attend:
Amount Requested (Max. $250.00)
Name:   Last:       First:       MI:  
Relationship to Marine:
Daytime Phone:
   Evening Phone:  
Email Address:
Street Address:
Apartment #:
   Zip Code: 
Travel Plans:
Flying    Driving
Marital Status:
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Spouse Name:
List all Dependents including yourself and spouse that live in the household:
In School?
This portion is required and must include all income in the household including food stamps, housing subsidies, retirement, etc.
  Income from Wages:
Name of Person Employed
Phone #
Gross Monthly
  Other Income
Type Name and Phone Number
of Agency or Case Worker
Social Security
Nearest Airport to your home:  
Will you authorize the Marine Graduation Foundation to use your name and photo(s) of you and your son or daughter on the Foundation website and release your name and contact information to inquiring news reporters or any agency who requests such information for foundation verification purposes? Yes No
Will any other family members be attending the graduation?
  (Example: grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers or sisters)   Yes No
If yes, please list other relatives besides yourself who will attend:
Please explain why you need the funds, and whether or not you have approached other organizations for funds.
Please provide a brief description of the cost associated with attending the graduation (i.e., airfare, hotel, etc.) and a budget to help explain where our donation will be used in regards to your request. Also, please explain what sources you used in your expense research:
How will you share your experience with other Marines and families?
How were you informed of this foundation?
Are you willing to repay the foundation for this assistance? Yes    No
  If so, please explain your repayment plan: 
Are you willing to help this foundation with fundraising efforts in the future? Yes    No
Electronic Certification
When you submit this electronic application you certify that you have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions of this application. You give the Marine Graduation Foundation authorization to check any information you have stated on this application . To the best of your knowledge and belief, all data on this application is true and correct.