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Membership Information

To apply for a new membership to UCRA just fill out the following information.

If you are an existing member please Login to the Member Portal to pay your dues - DO NOT APPLY USING THIS FORM.

UCRA Membership Form

First name Last name
Business Information Home Information
Firm name:
Mailing address:
Office Phone: Ext:
Copy Business Information:
Home address:
Home Phone:
Mobile Phone:
note: You will need to add your email address to access the UCRA Member Area. It will be used as your login.

Select the following info you want to be published in the Membership Directory:

Address:  Business    Home    Email
Phone numbers:  Office     Home     Mobile     Fax   

Reporting/Certification Information
Primary employment:   Official    Freelance    Captioner    CART 
Reporting Method:   Stenotype    Other: 
CAT Software: 
 Utah CSR    RPR    CRR    RMR    RDR    CBC    CCP  
Services Offered: 
 Captioning    Conference Room    Video    Video Conference  
 Realtime    CART    Fax    Scopist  
 Transcription    Litigation Support    Other: 

Member Referral
Referring UCRA member (For new members or if you have not been a member for the last 5 years): 

Membership Type
Select the type of membership you would like:
 Yearly Membership Dues - Professional - $ 100.00 a year
 Yearly Membership Dues - Associate - $ 50.00 a year
 Yearly Membership Dues - Student - $ 50.00 a year

I certify that the above information is correct and I hereby make application for membership in the Utah Court Reporters Association. I pledge myself, if accepted, to abide by the requirements of the UCRA's Code of Professional Ethics and to support and subscribe to the preservation and advancement of the field of verbatim reporting by the use of shorthand symbols.
 By selecting this I agree to the above terms

Click the "Update Application" button to verify that the application form has been properly filled out. Once you have verifyed that all the information is correct you can select the "Process Application" to process your order.


Field names in Orange are required to process your application.

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