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Across the world -- from Long Island to Namibia, Dublin to Cairo, Hawaii to Australia, Houston to Israel - Your Day Away  was born on Saturday, November 15, 2008, when communities banded together to support local families with children with Special Needs.

Your Day Away
(tm)   is a U.S.-based not-for-profit 501c3 charity with an international reach that partners with organizations, schools, social service providers and parents around the world to allow for one day out of the year when parents and guardians with special needs children can get away from their daily routine and enjoy the recreational, cultural, health & wellness, and gastronomical opportunities available in their local communities. *Currently, we are only handling Your Day Away Long Island requests.

Whether its autism, learning disabilities, psychological disorders, Down syndrome, Tourette, ADHD, rare genetic diseases, or any other childhood disorder, kids with special needs require a lot of attention and exhaustive work on the part of their parents and guardians.

It's a day away from the countless doctor appointments, visits with therapists, scheduling medications and tutors, negotiating with teachers and school districts, hours of helping with homework, attending to physical needs, or constantly thinking about the stressful situations special-needs families often find themselves in, it is a full-time, and often overwhelming, job.

There's a lot of pressure being a parent or guardian of a child with special needs. It seems sometimes it is just hard to stop for a second to take a breath and relax.

Well, it's time for a break.

Your Day Away(tm)
is treating parents and guardians of special needs children to a full day off - at spas, health clubs, concerts, movies, museums, makeovers, shopping sprees, day trips, yoga classes, sports events, elegant dinners, etc.-- one full day of relaxation and well-deserved payback for all the hard work they do, all provided free of charge by local communities, businesses and organizations.

Parents will have the opportunity to take a break and be treated to a day of pampering. If childcare is needed, Your Day Away(tm)
will help provide payment for any caregiver or babysitter service for the day as well.

Your Day Away's first event coincided with the publication of the award winning book Alphabet Kids: From ADD To Zellweger Syndrome: A Guide to Developmental, Neurobiological and Psychological Disorders For Parents and Professionals by Robbie Woliver, published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers on  November 15, 2008.

If you are interested in helping to coordinate this in your region, or know of someone else who might be interested, please let us know. Also, if you are affiliated with an organization or business that wants to participate, please contact us. This extraordinary one-day worldwide event is expected to attract much attention to the participating organizations - but even more so, it will be a much appreciated day for those parents and caregivers who so deserve a special, unforgettable day for themselves.

Described as the Make-a-Wish
(tm) for parents of children with special needs, YDA will conduct ongoing programs for these deserving parents.

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