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YDA South Australia
      Status: Active
      South Australia Australia
      Contact: Vicki Hodgson
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"Hello. We are the South Australian Aboriginal Chapter and invite you to connect with us. We are a small group of seven women from Adelaide.

We are from different cultural and work backgrounds. Some of us have family with a disability and know intimately about care of a person with a disability. Our group has come together as a Chapter to make something happen for our families from Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities in Australia.

South Australian Team:

Vicki (Coordinator) is a mother and grandmother working in disability services and has cared for her son, Tim with a disability. She is an Aboriginal woman and teamed up with sister Bronwyn, they are doing this campaign together.

Gayle is a mother and grandmother with a business in training and employment; and she has many connections with city and country businesses to sponsor families.

Sandy is a mother and grandmother and has family with a disability. Sandy as an Aboriginal woman brings her experiences in human services to the team.

Raelene is a mother of two and has a property management business. Raelene has local business connections and has teamed up with daughter Samantha.

Samantha is a journalist and volunteered her media skills to raise awareness about families and acknowledge businesses that give generously.

Terry is a mother and grandmother. Terry is an Aboriginal woman that works in the area of Aboriginal health and has identified a family that would love a day away.

Bronwyn worked in Aboriginal affairs and now cares for children. Bronwyn is dedicated to helping others including her nephew with a disability.

For 2008 our focus is South Australia but for 2009 campaign we would love to hear from other States and Territories. Please contact us.

Some of our group and we look forward to hearing from you.

UP Date (17/10/08) and stories yet to be posted:
• Five families registered
• Business sponsors include Access Working Careers, Sky City Adelaide Casino and Changing Looks (Elizabeth)

Pictured left Sandy, Gayle, Vicki, Bronwyn, Raelene and Samantha

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